Axis Business Folder

Waterproof and Anti-stain Fabric

The AXIS Premium Business Folder is a stylish functional notebook that is ideal for corporate to meet the needs on different occasions, whether on traveling, business meeting or daily work. This product comes with an A5 size notebook. The notebook is protected by two sheets of black PVC cover (front and back) with wire binding. A high quality TUBE Gel Pen with 0.5mm black ink and a white plastic card holder with clip also included in this product.
The business folder is made of high quality waterproof and anti-stain fabric, which has triple folding fixed with elastic band and buckle.
The inner left side has 3 layered pockets with 6 separate different storage space which can be incorporated with business cards, credit cards, cheques, notes, etc.
The inner right side is transparent zippered pocket designed for storing a smartphone and the touch operation still can be carried out directly across the transparent pocket. The transparent compartment is ideal to keep your important documents safe too. The internal pocket is tailored made to be able to fit iPad mini or other mini tablets with the similar size.