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Vacuum Bottle with UV-C sterilizer

360 ml stainless steel vacuum bottle with double wall and UV-C sterilizer lid. The bottle has a rubber finish.

The bottle is equipped with a UV-C sterilizer lid which neutralizes 99% of all present bacteria, viruses and microbiological contaminants within 3 minutes. This helps to purify liquids inside and guarantee a clean drink. The lid can also be used as a remote UV-C sterilizer to sanitize items around you.

Warning, sterilization does not equals filtration of the liquids. UV-C sterilization is not compatible with non drinkable water.

Thanks to its double wall, the bottle keeps hot or cold drinks at the right temperature for 12 to 24 hours.

From import, the bottle has an antibacterial finish.

Delivered in a cylindrical gift box.