Icon Lite

All in one spray and microfiber cloth

Remove bacteria and virus from your devices integrated smart design combine spray and cloth Portable design Clean phone, tablet, in-car display, etc. Easy to use spray, wipe and go Refillable bottle.

Keep your devices and your hands virus and bacteria free is easy with Icon Lite.

1. Fill the bottle with any disinfectant solution

2. Simply spray and wipe in one go.

The microfiber can be cleaned by soap and water after repeated use. We advise to fill Icon Lite with at least 70% alcohol sanitizer fluid containing isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is an effective disinfectant against many pathogens, including Covid-19. Most hand rubbing alcohols by the main street brands will come with 70% isopropyl alcohol content, however in some cases concentrations can range from 60-99%. For killing corona virus quickly on surfaces, 70% or higher is ideal